James Hill Goats

Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for milk, pet or show




Welcome to James Hill.  We are a small hobby farm located in rural north-central Louisiana.  We chose Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for their small size, friendly disposition, and great milking capacity.  Our goal is to raise healthy, structurally correct  goats that fulfill their potential in the milk pail, as family pets, and occasionally in the show ring.


We hand-milk our goats, using that milk to produce cheese, other dairy products and soap. Many examples of each may be found in our blog pages. We also raise several breeds of chickens. We garden as organically as possible, using mainly heirloom plants. We strive to be self-sufficient, and hope to help preserve some traditional skills and knowledge.


Our goats are bred for quality, not quantity. However, we often do have kids or young stock for sale.  Please contact us at any time to inquire about availability.  We maintain a closed herd, and all our goats come from CAE-free farms.  We are members of ADGA, AGS and NDGA.


The James Family                                                 Dodson, Louisiana